the rebirth of Dawn of Radiance

It has been a while since my last post. My life is very hectic at the moment and to be honest..i have known better times. But even when all seems dark and hopeless, little rays of light appear. For me it is that i could create a new sim again. It is an early birthday gift from my parents who know that creating gives me much joy (and it works as great therapy too :D). I worked hard last past days on the new Dawn of Radiance. I wanted to give it a feeling of space, with rolling hills of green, lush fields of grass flowing gentle in the breeze surrounding a quiet, little village. A green forest path with animals welcoming you and of course a magical forest where the unicorn awaits you. Without the unicorn it would not be Dawn of Radiance after all. There are several places around where you can sit and enjoy the view and peace, by yourself or with your beloved other half. I made it this time so that you do not need to be in the group to rezz so that makes it easier for photographers to snap pictures. As long as no one abuses that i will keep that option open. Dawn of Radiance, especially in this time of my life means a lot to me and i truly hope you will enjoy visiting it:

lots of love,



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