The New Trace spacious and peaceful

Ok, lets start my first blog with a very beautiful place i visited today. I visited the new Trace, a sim created by the talented Kylie Jaxxon and where her former sim The Trace had the ‘WOW factor” the new Trace has for me the “WOWOW factor”. My own sim is great when you need a virtual acid trip and like to hallucinate after 5 minutes because of all the bright colors, but then visit the Trace and all your senses come to rest, what a beautiful, spacious and peaceful place she created. What i also really like is how the ground textures look, it gives the land a very real, somewhat rugged look softened by lush green and yellowish grass and framed with the sounds of different birds filling the air. No matter which way you look, the views are breathtaking. A great place for sl photographers to snap and snap and snap. Definitely one of my favorite places in sl. So please come and visit and enjoy the peace of the new Trace! Find some snaps here:

Snapshot_856 Snapshot_857 Snapshot_859 Snapshot_861 Snapshot_862 Snapshot_864 Snapshot_867 Snapshot_870 Snapshot_871 Snapshot_872


taxi awaits: