Relay for Life-Silent Art Auction

Relay for Life is having a silent art auction where some very good artists donated their work to help fight the cause. The auction ends today 20th of July so please pay a visit and get yourself a unique work of SL art and with that help the battle against cancer. Love you guys!…


RelayForLife_001 RelayForLife_002

Skin love – New Modish skin Freya

I am a tiny wee bit critical when it comes to skins but still buy them like crazyyyyy. Today i found a skin that i really fell in love with. You know sometimes when you have that whoaaa moment, well when i was trying this skin i had it! I think the skin is a great deal too cause it comes with several appliers including slink for hands and feet and several options like freckles and such. And this for only L800!


skin Modish

Hair Spellbound

Eyeliner League (was gift at skinfaire i believe not sure if they have it in store)


the rebirth of Dawn of Radiance

It has been a while since my last post. My life is very hectic at the moment and to be honest..i have known better times. But even when all seems dark and hopeless, little rays of light appear. For me it is that i could create a new sim again. It is an early birthday gift from my parents who know that creating gives me much joy (and it works as great therapy too :D). I worked hard last past days on the new Dawn of Radiance. I wanted to give it a feeling of space, with rolling hills of green, lush fields of grass flowing gentle in the breeze surrounding a quiet, little village. A green forest path with animals welcoming you and of course a magical forest where the unicorn awaits you. Without the unicorn it would not be Dawn of Radiance after all. There are several places around where you can sit and enjoy the view and peace, by yourself or with your beloved other half. I made it this time so that you do not need to be in the group to rezz so that makes it easier for photographers to snap pictures. As long as no one abuses that i will keep that option open. Dawn of Radiance, especially in this time of my life means a lot to me and i truly hope you will enjoy visiting it:

lots of love,



Never afraid of the light

Oh at Dawn

I”ll face the edge of thorns

Oh at Dawn

I”ll pray at the edge of thorns

Oh at Dawn

(part lyrics Blind Guardian Thorn)




Crown: .a i s l i n g. (Fantasy Faire)


Skin: Pink Fuel (new for We ❤ Roleplay! We love roleplay event)

Outfit: !gO! (We<3 Roleplay! we love roleplay event)

Face Art: [The Forge] (We ❤ Roleplay!)


Hair: Emo-tions Tauriel (New)


Tattoo: Fallen Gods Inc. Thorns (older)


Ears: Mandala Fantasy Elf


Location: Dawn of Radiance





Where tales are born

For the sixth year in a row a magical place arises, the Fantasy Faire.  A wonderful and magical event that combines the creations of fantasy designers, fantasy lovers, roleplayers and performers to support the American Cancer Society’s vision of a world without cancer.Though i sometimes curse the burden of SL (lack of sleep for example..) this is one of the things that makes me proud of this community. Many, many people have spent hours on creating for almost two weeks this magical place, creating new places, creating new designs, creating events. All the work that goes into the preparation of the Fantasy Faire is huge, all the work during the events to let things run smoothly is huge and they all do these things voluntarily to help fight a disease that many of us experienced close by. How can we not else then have huge respect for those people. The Fantasy Faire this year is again breathtakingly beautiful and it is huge, but you will have until the 11th of May to visit. Please do so. And when you are there in this magical world, please consider donating to the Relay for Life kiosk that you see all over the sims. Please join the fight, we all can make a difference.


Pose : !Musa

Hair   : /Wasabi Pills/

Crown: .a i s l i n g.



Dress  : The White Armory


These items can all be found at the Fantasy Faire.

For more information visit:




The New Trace spacious and peaceful

Ok, lets start my first blog with a very beautiful place i visited today. I visited the new Trace, a sim created by the talented Kylie Jaxxon and where her former sim The Trace had the ‘WOW factor” the new Trace has for me the “WOWOW factor”. My own sim is great when you need a virtual acid trip and like to hallucinate after 5 minutes because of all the bright colors, but then visit the Trace and all your senses come to rest, what a beautiful, spacious and peaceful place she created. What i also really like is how the ground textures look, it gives the land a very real, somewhat rugged look softened by lush green and yellowish grass and framed with the sounds of different birds filling the air. No matter which way you look, the views are breathtaking. A great place for sl photographers to snap and snap and snap. Definitely one of my favorite places in sl. So please come and visit and enjoy the peace of the new Trace! Find some snaps here:

Snapshot_856 Snapshot_857 Snapshot_859 Snapshot_861 Snapshot_862 Snapshot_864 Snapshot_867 Snapshot_870 Snapshot_871 Snapshot_872


taxi awaits: